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Positively You!

"When You Can't Find the Sunshine ~ Be The Sunshine!"


May 28, 2018

We often think of Confidence and self esteem as one in the same...and that they can be used synonymously when referring to how one feels about them self. But as similar as the two are, there is a major  difference.

Self esteem refers to how one feels about them self overall... Confidence in oneself is how one feels about  their abilities (skills) and this can vary from situation to situation. So, one can have a high/healthy self esteem and lack confidence in a certain area (for example public speaking or interacting with others).

The major difference that we will focus on is the fact that Confidence is how one feels about their abilities/skills... and these can be learned, strengthened and enhanced.  THAT IS GOOD NEWS!

Join me and stay connected to the community for the month of June as I offer tips and resources to help our girls strengthen their abilities and grow in confidence. And as confidence rises... so does self esteem! THAT IS MORE GOOD NEWS!


June 4, 2018

Confidence can be learned! It is a skill... a belief in our own ability.  Certain factors work in favor of building confidence.  Our belief system... that which we believe about ourselves and our emotional system... how we feel about ourselves are major contributors in our confidence level.  Confidence is developed by facing challenges and learning to handle them in a positive way.  Have an open line of communication with your tween, teen or young adult lady to see how she views her abilities in different areas of her life and how her views are affecting. Allow her room to safely discuss her true feelings. Listen and offer sound, positive feed back when necessary. This will help her to maintain her health self confidence level and improve in needed areas.